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Sparx Enterprise Architect is used by many organisations to support architecture modelling and ICT development activities. It is not without reason:  Sparx Enterprise Architect is well applicable in many situations, can be adapted and extended easily and is easy to learn.

Our experience is that the functionalities and possibilities in Sparx Enterprise Architect can be overwhelming for new users. Selection of the right functionalities, modelling techniques and configuration is not always an easy task. Reason for us eaxpertise to introduce an expert platform. Eaxpertise helps modellers and architect getting started with Sparx!

The eaxpertise platform

This platform is a unique cooperation between two associates of the The Future Group. Both are expert in their own field of applying Sparx in organisations.

A number of tools and aids tools and aids doptimizing the usage of Sparx EA

What can we offer you?

Workshop Enterprise architect for architects

See training information

Masterclass modelling with Sparx

See training information

Workshop Data modelling with Sparx

See training information here

Web Publication Platform for EA

See demo application

Integrated Data Entity Archtecture AddOn

See IDEA articles

ArchiMate AddOn

See addon here.

Next to our standard services we offer customized services for organisations on Sparx like:

  • Support in the configuration and implementation of Enterprise Architect for architecture teams
  • Coaching of Architecture teams in adpating their architectural processes and products when introducing Enterprise Architect
  • Introduction of architecture repositories with Enterprise Architect
  • Development of specific AddOns or Scripts for EA


We are reseller for Sparx Enterprise Architect and a number of addons like EADocs and ModelExpert. Zie onze reseller pagina

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