Sparx Enterprise Architect consultants

Support, coaching and development for modeling teams


Enterprise architecture

Support of enterprise architecture teams with the usage of ArchiMate in Sparx



Modeling data for organisation wide knowledge on information with Sparx


Addons and scripts

Development and configuuration of Add-Ins, scripts and model generators for specific wishes on modeling in Sparx


Architecture repositories

Introduction of architecture repositories for effective architectural processes and services

Welcome at EAxpertise

Support of optimal use of Enterprise Architect

Sparx Enterprise Architect is increasingly being used to support architecture, modeling and IT development processes. That is not without reason. Sparx Enterprise Architect is widely applicable, easily adaptable and expandable and also easy to learn.

In practice it appears that the possibilities that Sparx Enterprise Architect offers are rather overwhelming. Choosing which functionality to use now and which later is not a simple task. Reason for eaxpertise to introduce an expertise platform. eaxpertise helps modellers and architects in their discovery!


Services and products


Coaching of architects, modelers and analysts for architecture, modeling and data.


Creation of data models, information architectures, meta data management models in Sparx Enterprise Architect.

Architecture repositories

Implementation and introduction of architecture repositories as a replacement for architecture documents, including the modifications in the architectural processes.


Training in modeling, architecture, processes and general usage of architecture repositories.

Sparx AddOns

Development of Scripts, Add-Ons en Extensions for Sparx Enterprise Architect, for example for data architecture modeling or for HTML publication.

We created a number of articles, white papers and tools in English for you, please find an overview here


Open Source Products offered by EAxpertise

Web Publication Platform

Web Publication Platform

Web viewer for making repository content accessible to users other than modellers in an attractive layout.



AddOn for data modeling based on a three-layer model. Including all kinds of tools for the adequate preparation of an integrated model.

Online Training via Udemy and TutorialsPoint

In the past period I have developed a number of English-language online training courses on Udemy. These training courses consist of web videos, assignments and examples and are therefore ideal to follow at your own pace

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Our consultants

Han van Roosmalen

van Roosmalen softwarediensten

Han is an independent enterprise and solution architect at Han van Roosmalen software services. He has been active in various companies and organizations for the last 15 years. In addition to designing solutions, he is also often involved in improving enterprise, solution architectures and, if necessary, organizations. Han coaches enterprise architects from large organizations and institutions with better fulfillment of the architectural function and with the efficient design and use of Sparx Enterprise Architect.

Bert Dingemans


Bert is an independent information architect. Bert has a software engineering background and specializes in data architecture and big data, SOA and system integration, data and object modeling. Bert has a passion for architecture repositories in general and Sparx Enterprise Architect in particular. He is working on a number of applications for EA such as an AddOn for data modeling and the web publication platform for Sparx EA.

Peter Kuipers

Incentive Business Partner

Peter is a business administrator with extensive experience in the field of automation. In almost all assignments in business architecture, business change and the supervision thereof plays an important role. Peter is one of eight Dutch-speaking lecturers in Enterprise Engineering and has his practice case submitted for the book Enterprise Ontology by Jan Dietz and is co-author of the book Working with DEMO, which will be released this year. For more information, visit the website of Enterprise Engineering Institute (


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