Installation and configuration of the WPP

The installation of the Web Publication Platform (WPP) can be divided in multiple scenarios. In this text we describe the steps relevant in each scenario.

Evaluation on a local computer or laptop

  • Download the sourcecode from
  • Download and install Visual Studio Community Edition (free version) or one of the profession versions.
  • Start Visual Studio and open the WPP directory via de menu File -> Open Website
  • Run the website in Debugging or Release mode

Installation on a internal webserver

This highly depends on the approach of the systems operations department of your own organisation. Basically the following steps are essential

Installation at a hosting provider

Various hosting providers (in the Netherlands for example ArgeWeb or Amenworld) offer windows hosting where the WPP can be installed. The structure of the folders in the WPP is based on the common structure in webhosting websites This has the following steps

  • Create a Windows hosting account
  • Configure FTP
  • Upload the downloaded files of the WPP without modifications in the directory and file structure via FTP
  • Eventually configure the Windows Hosting

Webhosting at EAxpertise

When you want us to do the hosting at our hosting provider the steps are relatively easy.

  • Contact us and give us the domain name for your WPP webapplication
  • Send us your repository as an EAP or EAPX file
  • We do the rest for you!!!
  • After installation you receive an instruction on how to upload updates of your repository content

We can offer you this basic service for 1000 euro excl VAT (initial setup and hosting for one year). When you want extra features or configurations please contact us for a proposal of a customized configuration.

Configuration WPP for own EAP based repository

Here are the  main steps:

  • Take your eap(x) file and copy it to the app_data subdirectory in the extracted WPP zip file structure
  • Open the file web.config and modify the eap_connection string with the new filename
  • Download the zip file and unzip the file
  • Import the XML file in Enterprise Architect via Import Reference Data in the Configure ribbon.
  • Go to specialize and scripting and add a project browser script (in VBScript layout), give it a name relevant for your users (ExportDiagrams2WPP e.g.)
  • Remove all the generated content in this script and paste the content of the downloaded vbs file
  • Modify the directory path c:\werkmap to a directory on your computer or create this directory. Save the script
  • Go to your root package and right click for the context menu, select specialize and script and select the export script, it will write all the diagram pngs to the selected directory (c:\werkmap) if you have multiple rootnodes please repeat step 8
  • Copy the png files to the subfolder diagrams in the WPP filestructure
  • Start the WPP structure in Visual Studio and see the changes. The first page is a default static page and can be separated or you can change the web.config file and define the first page under the property starturl (this can also be a dynamic page based on the CMS in the WPP)

Configuration WPP for own RDBMS based repository

Here are the  main steps:

  • Follow the main steps for the EAP based installation but modify the eap_connection in the webconfig
  • Open the file web.config and modify the eap_connection string with a connectionstring for that database see the SQL Server example below. 
  • For other database platforms please visit


When you want to get support on the configuration please do not hesitate to contact us, we can help you with the configuration and modification.

That is All!