A template for a logical application model in ArchiMate

Creating a Logical Application Model in an Enterprise Architecture is a frequent activity. For example when selecting a new software component for an application function, a (european) tender traject or when describing the demand from a business view. Such a logical application model will often have a structure that is generic in nature. This template is an example of a data centric application model with the following characteristics:

  • Data centric application
  • Master Data implementation or Source Application
  • Intensive in application integration 
  • Rich user interface
  • Validations and transformations of data within the scope of the application.

The logical model is based on two viewpoints:

  • Solution scenario's
  • Functional model

Solution scenarios

This describes various scenarios for introducing a register function within an existing application landscape with producers and consumers. These scenario's are relevant for the configuration and selection of relevant (integration) application functions and interfaces and one of these scenarios should be selected and described for the specific situation of the implementation or configuration

In the image you see one of the four scenario's please download the zip file with the eap file.

Functional model

The logical application model displays the constellation of the various application functions in combination with the relevant interfaces for integration. For your own situation you can use this template, copy it and adapt it to your own situation . For example by deleting irrelevant functions or interfaces or specialize a function or interface.

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This logical application model with the nick name butterfly displays in the middle the relevant application functions, on the left hand the incoming data pipes and interfaces and on the right handside the consuming data pipes.

More information

This model can be downloaded as an EAP file and used in your own projects or solutions, please feel free to modify this model and when you have relevant modifications please notify us so we can adapt this model and republish it to the community.