Manage Canonical Data Models using EA.

Enexis aims for a flexible and agile integration landscape. The creation of platform-independent service interfaces using a Canonical Data Model (CDM) that is based on open standards (such as OAGIS, HR-XML, UN/CEFACT CCTS and EPRI-CIM), is essential in achieving this goal. However, managing these, mainly large and complex, reference models without proper tooling is no easy task. Enexis has chosen Enterprise Architect as the primary tool for maintenance of the reference models and generation of service interfaces from these models. The presentation will highlight the steps that Enexis has taken to build a CDM management tool using EA and the process we use to transform reference models into a CDM framework, build domain models from the framework, use the Schema Composer to build service profiles and eventually generate service interfaces (XSD/JSON messaging, SOAP and REST) from these profiles.

By Wouter Meijers

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