EAUG Registration wizard

With this wizard you can register yourself to participate in the EA Usergroup conference at 27 and 28 September in Utrecht. The wizard has three steps. The first is entering your email address, name and company. The second step is selecting which day(s) you want to be present and the last page is for the payment.

Email address*  
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Please select the day(s) you want to participate

YES I want to be present at the 27th of September for the in depth sessions

For this day with training and indepth session I pay 395 Euro.

YES I want to be present at the 28th of September for the regular EA Usergroup conference

For this day with user stories, how to and modelling session I pay 95 Euro.

Request/Remarks (dietary etc)
I received an action code for a discount

Payment summary of the selected days

Select a payment type (Ideal, Visa or Mastercard) *  
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Your registration is complete after receiving your (confirmed) payment.


For more information on EA User group conferences in Europe visit EAUsergroup.com

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