Model Harvesting – A systematic way to build and institutionalize Architecture practices

What does it take to start using EA? Just use the toolbox and start creating diagrams? If yes, why not stick to Visio? Modelling in EA is all about standardizing on specific modelling convention (aka metamodel) and adhering it. One may argue there are standards (UML, ArchiMate, etc.) to do that, however most standards are far too generalized that only 20% of it is consumable, and any architecture practice should span across multiple frameworks. This session will discuss the following • Defining a metamodel for a basic architecture practice, that uses standard notations from ArchiMate, BPMN, Requirements and Usecases • Customizing EA with standardized toolboxes and quicklinkers to align with Metamodel • Importing information from various external sources Excel, Word into EA based on the aligned Metamodel • Creating Kanban diagrams, Heatmaps, diagram legends based visualizations etc from the harvested model • Custom SQL Searches to exactly find the right model information • Generating Reports and publishing model to wider stakeholders. Takeaways • A user manual on the discussed approach • Sample Data Collection Templates (Excel) • MDG definition model • Custom Searches • Reporting Templates

By Nizam Mohammed

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