Enterprise Architect & Prolaborate Usergroup Conference

Utrecht, 24th, 25th and 28th of September 2020

A usergroup conference in the Netherlands for everybody working with Sparx Enterprise Architect as a modeling tool, architecture repository or requirements management tool. Three days full of interesting sessions, networking and exchange of information. And for the first time a Prolaborate event with possibilities to get a deep dive of this collaboration and integration suite for Sparx Enterprise Architect

For this three-day event with a training day, 100+ attendees, and speakers from around the globe - of which you could be one! We will meet in the heart of the country next to Utrecht Central Railway Station, so if you want to join us.


The AGENDA of this three days event is available and when you REGISTER BEFORE AUGUST 1st you get a discount.
You can participate in the regular event or both days. Participating costs 395 euro for training day(24 september) 95 euro (25 september), 28 september is free. When you book before 1 August you pay 445 for all three days. This excludes 21% VAT.

For more information on EA User group conferences in Europe visit EAUsergroup.com

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