Bert Dingemans

Bert is a data architect working often with Enterprise Architect mostly for UML class diagrams and ArchiMate 2.0. He uses Enterprise Architect for generating message documentation, XSD files and modelling enterprise architectures with ArchiMate 2.0. Now he is making the switch to web based documentation.

List of sessions

Configuring Enterprise Architect for large ArchiMate modelling teams
Modeling enterprise architecture with ArchiMate is well supported in Enterprise Architect. However when the modelling is done by a large team of modelers (working on multiple locations) new challenges arise. How do we standardize the ArchiMate models, what are the viewpoints, how to apply patterns and building blocks and how can we make modelling fun. In this presentation we present the case of Dictu in the Netherlands where we successfully introduced an approached based on Enterprise Architect, ModelExpert and the IDEA AddOn.

IDEA AddOn Deep Dive
IDEA is an Open Source AddOn for Enterprise Architect based on feature requests from a small community of organisations. Organisations like Dictu, Hoogheemraadschap Delfland, Nederlandse Spoorwegen and TenneT have contributed to the AddOn.
In this session you are going to install the AddOn on your own laptop and learn how to use the functions effectively. Below a short list of topics:
Deduplication, Release Management, Advanced reporting in both Docx and HTML and a combination of the two, Team Aware Modeling, Diagram Helpers ("ArchiMaid" and "No Data Fault"), Mapper functionalities, webapplication generator and modeling a Three Layer Data Model.
After this session you have installed IDEA on a computer and are able to effectively apply the functionalities in your own modeling activities.

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