Data Mapping form in EA

Webvideo on data mappings in Sparx Enterprise Architect

AddOn Functionality for HTML reporting

AddOn functionality for HTML reporting

Data Modelling Screens in IDEA AddOn

Data Modelling screens in AddOn for Enterprise Architect

Converter BizzDesign to Sparx Enterprise Architect

Open Source AddOn with BizzDesign to Sparx converter

New version of the TEA and IDEA addon

New version of the TEA and IDEA AddOn



Visibility of assocations in ArchiMate diagrams

Visibility of associations in ArchiMate Diagrams

Welcome at Eaxpertise

Consultancy, training en ondersteuning op het gebied van Sparx Enterprise Architect

Models, documents and a architecture repository: Empty boxes

Reconsider the use of a design tool, not as a sketch tool but as a repository for creating attractive architectures and designs

ArchiMAID a different approach for the toolbox and the project browser

Extension of the TEA addon for deduplication with an ArchiMAID process support screen

Enterprise Architect as tool for the TenneT Data Platform

Many organisations are investigating the possibilities of Big Data solutions, for example the Dutch and German Electricity Transport System Operator TenneT. Introducing Big Data is new and traditional approaches are of limited use. Think about introducing data-lab functionalities, innovative and agile approaches, new technologies like NoSql or Hadoop. How are you going to support these activities in an organisation as an architect and how can Enterprise Architect support you in adding architectural value. In this session we will discuss a reference architecture for the TenneT Data Platforms, modelling techniques, architectural patterns and agile approaches all supported by the use of Enterprise Architect. You will see examples of big data patterns, solutions and templates based on ArchiMate.

A template for a logical application model in ArchiMate

This is a template for a logical application model and a number of scenarios for selecting an implementation of an application with a register function

A web publication platform for an ArchiMate model

Web based enterprise architect repository for publishing an architecture on the web

Duplicate validation in Enterprise Architect

Description of validating Archimate models and element in Enterprise Architect

Enterprise Architect for an Enterprise Architecture

How to build an enterprise architect based on ArchiMate and Enterprise Architect